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lee mcintyre
lee mcintyre


Respecting Truth POST TRUTH (MIT Press, 2018)

Are we living in a post-truth world, where "alternative facts" replace actual facts and feelings have more weight than evidence? Lee McIntyre traces the development of this phenomenon from its roots in science denial, cognitive bias, and postmodernism through the rise of "fake news," "information silos," and alternative media.



Respecting Truth RESPECTING TRUTH: Willful Ignorance in the Internet Age (Routledge, 2015)

To see how we treat truth these days, one might think that we just don't care about it anymore. In this timely and controversial book, Lee McIntyre argues that embracing truth is a choice worth making and that our future survival depends on a more widespread, reasonable attitude toward scientific standards of belief.



Philosophy of Chemistry PHILOSOPHY OF CHEMISTRY: Growth of a New Discipline, 2015 edition
Edited by Eric Scerri and Lee McIntyre (Springer, 2014)

A follow up to the earlier successful volume in this series, this collection features all new selections by some of the most prominent authors in the field, who dive to the heart of current scholarship in the philosophy of chemistry.



Explainging Explanation EXPLAINING EXPLANATION: Essays in the Philosophy of the Special Sciences (Rowman and Littlefield/UPA, 2012)

This volume is a collection of Lee McIntyre's published articles over the last twenty years, that have appeared in journals such as Synthese, Theory and Decision, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, and others.



DARK AGES:The Case For A Science Of Human Behavior DARK AGES: The Case For A Science Of Human Behavior (MIT Press, 2006)

In this outspoken and forthright book, Lee McIntyre argues that today we are in a new Dark Age—that we are as ignorant of the causes of human behavior as people centuries ago were of the causes of such natural phenomena as disease, famine, and eclipses.



Philosophy of Chemistry: Synthesis of a New Discipline PHILOSOPHY OF CHEMISTRY: Synthesis of a New Discipline
Edited by Davis Baird, Eric Scerri, and Lee McIntyre (Springer, 2006)

With selections drawn from a wide range of scholarly disciplines, philosophers, chemists, and historians of science here converge to ask some of the most fundamental questions about the relationship between philosophy and chemistry.



Laws and Explanation in the Social Sciences: Defending a Science of Human Behavior LAWS AND EXPLANATION IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES: Defending a Science of Human Behavior (Westview Press, 1996)

By pursuing an analogy with the natural sciences, McIntyre shows that the barriers to social scientific laws are not generated by factors unique to social inquiry, but arise from a largely common set of problems that face any scientific endeavor.



Readings in the Philosophy of Social Science READINGS IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE
Edited by Michael Martin and Lee McIntyre (MIT Press, 1994)

This is the first comprehensive anthology in the philosophy of social science to appear since the late 1960s. Covering all of the major areas in the discipline, it will serve as the standard source for scholarship in the field and could be used as the basis for an entire course.