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NEW! Read Lee's article "The Attack on Truth" in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Read Lee's article "Making Philosophy Matter—or Else" in The Chronicle of Higher Education (PDF)

Read Lee's article "The Dark Ages of Social Science" in The Humanist

Dark Ages is now widely available in paperback

Dark Ages has won the Silver Award for Philosophy in the 2006 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards

Lee's newest book is now available:

RESPECTING THE TRUTH: Willful Ignorance in the Internet Age

RESPECTING TRUTH: Willful Ignorance in the Internet Age
Now available from Routledge Publishers

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Attitudes Toward Truth: Willful Ignorance and the Last Glimpse of Shoreline
Chapter 2. The Value of Truth: Should My Genes Care Whether I Can Justify My Belief That A Tiger Is Coming Toward Me?
Chapter 3. The Roots of Human Irrationality: Behavioral Economics, Self-Deception, and Lawn Chair Larry
Chapter 4. The Assault on Truth and the Triump of Ideology: The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Climate Change, and the "Myth" of Race
Chapter 5. Sources of (Mis)Information: Why the Media Worship Objectivity But the Ivory Tower Rejects Truth
Chapter 6. Sources of Hope: The Wisdom of Crowds, Group Benefits, and Why Wikipedia Is More Reliable Than You Think
Chapter 7. A More Reasonable World: Better Living Through Empirical Social Science

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Lee is working on two new books:


What if Child Protective Services knocked on your door late one evening, telling you that your new nanny had made a child abuse complaint? While Adam Grammaticus fights back shock waves upon hearing the incredible—and false—allegations against him, his wheelchair-bound wife Kate protests against the authorities, who insist on entering the house and waking three-year-old Emma to check on her well being. After meeting with a lawyer, Adam and Kate learn just how few options they really have and worry that CPS could return at any time. In an attempt to clear his name—and get to the bottom of things—Adam turns for help to his ex-military Harley-riding childhood pal Tugg Morgan, who suffers from his own dark past, including a fatal secret that he and Adam have kept since they were kids. When some bogus evidence later surfaces against Adam, Emma is finally taken by CPS, and Adam escapes to the open road with Tugg, where they embark on a journey to get Emma back.....and make everyone pay who had anything to do with this. They're in Tugg's world now: a world of outlaw motorcycle clubs, risky choices, and brutal justice, which eventually leads them to a vast conspiracy that explains what happened to Emma even while it threatens to remove Adam from her life forever.

THE ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO PHILOSOPHY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE (edited with Alex Rosenberg), will be forthcoming Autumn 2016 with Routledge Publishers.