The Art of Good and Evil

What if achieving the greatest good required you to do something terribly wrong?

Jonathan Poe is a philosophy professor at Harvard, who is wracked with survivor’s guilt after losing his wife and two daughters in a tragic accident. On the brink of suicide, he inadvertently commits an “ethical” crime that sparks a life-altering question: since he no longer fears death, is he now free to do the “dirty work” of society that no one else will do?

Poe carefully stalks his next victims, but things go askew and he yearns for a new route to happiness—only to learn that it is likely too late to escape the consequences of his earlier actions. When these begin to threaten not only his own safety, but the lives of those he holds most dear, Poe must decide once and for all what course of action might bring about the “greatest good.”

Praise for The Art of Good and Evil

“Take the best of John Grisham and kick it up a notch. From a gut punch opening I did not expect, this astonishingly good novel is a page turner of suspense, surprise, and deep human interest. What would it take to turn a Harvard philosophy professor teaching ethics into a serial killer ridding the Boston area of convicted, child molesting sex offenders, who after brief stints in jail were now freely going about their heinous business in the community? When the law fails us, what does morality require? And what does it prohibit? This compelling story is full of great ideas, supreme drama, and gripping twists that will keep you up late reading. A masterpiece.”
—Tom Morris, author of the national bestseller If Aristotle Ran General Motors as well as The Oasis Within and Plato’s Lemonade Stand

“Nothing’s more satisfying than a good revenge thriller, but The Art of Good and Evil is much more: sharply observed, ingeniously plotted, and grounded in the deepest, most challenging questions of morality, justice, and the law. The surprises continue to the last page.”
—Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of House on Fire

“Does Jonathan Poe have a strong moral conscience? Or none at all? With nothing to live for after a tragic accident that killed his entire family, the philosophy professor sets himself on a shocking and dangerous course that will take him far away from the ordinary life he has known. Nothing in this novel can be predicted as one character after another is swept into the chilling vortex he creates around him—each, it turns out, with secrets of their own. Lee McIntyre dazzles with this riveting, propulsive tale that challenges what we think we know about who we are. You won’t forget this very original book.”
—Elisabeth Elo, author of Finding Katarina M. and North of Boston

“Surprising, compelling, and twisty, The Art of Good and Evil has everything I look for in a story: real characters pushed to the brink, smart writing, and a relentless plot. Lee McIntyre has crafted a thriller that delights the mind and raises the pulse.”
—Brad Parks, International bestselling author of Unthinkable

“After a tragic loss, a bereft philosopher seizes on one thing he can do that is unambiguously good, that can bring the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. In Lee McIntyre’s capable hands, the philosopher’s quest merges vigilante justice with timeless questions that challenge our own cherished values. Could we act for the greatest good even when that good, objectively, hurts a select few? Thought-provoking, gripping, a rare find.”
—Len Rosen, author of the Henri Poincaré mysteries

“Lee McIntyre has created a sexy, page-turner with an anti-hero that you can’t help but root for. A great read, particularly for fans of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series.”
—Cate Holohan, USA Today bestselling author of The Widower’s Wife

“What do you get when you cross The Equalizer with your favorite philosophy class from college? One hell of a revenge thriller, with all the heart and depth of The Shawshank Redemption. Part action thriller, part social commentary, part examination of the human psyche, The Art of Good and Evil is 100% percent adrenaline-fueled entertainment that will wow you to the last page. Check your moral compass at the door and have fun reading this one!”
D.J. Palmer, USA Today bestselling author of The New Husband and My Wife is Missing

The Art of Good and Evil is a fast-paced, explosive thrill ride that also probes deeper questions about human morality. Lee McIntyre deftly explores the line between good and evil, packing secrets within secrets to leave readers hanging in suspense until the last page.”
—Joanna Schaffhausen, author of Gone for Good

“A tense, engaging tale of vigilantism and moral ambiguity.”
Kirkus Reviews